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I also like to post Cody Simpson, Halston Sage, Katelyn Tarver, and Noah Crawford.

But mainly Big Time Rush.

just so everyone knows krys was a fan of me before i even knew she existed sooo


i’m the type of girl who gets really emotional when friends send me gifts even if it’s a photo of a porn star in a frame like FRIENDS ARE THE BEST

once in a blue moon i’ll get emotional when i realize how unlikely it was to find such good friend

u ever just

i remember being weird when kevin jonas got engaged (and i was even kinda weird when they announced they’re pregnancy a few months ago) but idk i dont feel that weird with carlos and alexa.

maybe its bc jo bros were really kind of me clinging on to adolescence or some dumb psychological shit, but btr has been with me for college and the times when i want to be a grown up and blah blah blah. ive always seen them as 20-something year old dudes that have lives outside of their public persona and i’ve actually kind of enjoyed understanding that there are two parts to them (private and public) this time around unlike how i was with jo bros (and still am? i guess 16 y/o kara won’t die already).

so idk carlos’ wedding doesn’t weird me out that much. i kind of expected him to be married before 25. maybe ill feel different when he has kids (especially if its in the next few years).




someone thought kendall was a small child until i corrected her



Krys and Chels’ commentary on the wedding is better than the wedding itself

we’ve been practicing all these jokes we’re prepared

we’re like the tina and amy of this shit


If Carlos had to choose between Alexa and Rushers, we’d all know he’d choose Alexa. He wouldn’t even have to THINK about it.”

i’m laughing so hard because yeah i hope he would pick his significant other over a bunch of randos like yeah we’re “important” to him but give me a break even that’s a stretch